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What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a process of testing your heating and cooling system to spot any problems that are causing uneven airflow or negative air pressure in your building. Any identified problem can be corrected so the right amount of air (hot or cold) can be delivered to the each room, to make your building more comfortable.

Air balancing will improve air circulation, increase energy efficiency and enhance the overall performance of both your air conditioning and heating systems. It will also improve work productivity of employees in buildings that were either too chilly or too warm due to air imbalance issues.

Goff technicians utilize a variety of diagnostic equipment to test your system's performance. We’ll place balancing hoods over air supply registers to measure the amount of air coming through the vents. We use manometers to measure air pressure to detect any blockages. In order to check humidity levels, we utilize hygrometers.

There are several causes of air balances: damaged ducts, blocked ducts or actual design flaws which can include duct runs that are too long as well as duct runs with sharp turns.  Once we determine the reasons for air imbalances, we can address the simple fixes – such as clear blockages, patch small holes, etc. – and provide solutions to correct the most problematic system/ductwork redesigns to improve air flow imbalances.

Let Goff Mechanical ensure that all the rooms in your building receive the warm or cool air they need to keep your building comfortable year ‘round.


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