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When systems operate at a sub-par level, everything has to work harder, which drives up electricity costs  and makes breakdowns more likely to occur and repairs more frequent. 

That’s why Preventative Maintenance is worth the annual investment...to keep your equipment and systems running efficiently and to detect and address potential problems and avoid downtime...which, particularly in refrigeration, can mean a costly loss of inventory.

Count on Goff Mechanical to perform a thorough checklist of tasks for both our Refrigeration and HVAC customers –including checking and repairing freon leaks.  We take our time and perform the job the right way. In fact, we are specialists in leak detection and use the very best technology in the industry — the Bacharach–PGM-IR.   If there is a leak, we don’t just put in more freon, we find the root cause and repair it.

Our preventative maintenance contracts include a twice-a-year onsite visit: experienced technicians perform system and equipment checks at your facility every six months.  However, no two customers are alike and we are happy to customize a preventative maintenance plan that best suits your needs and budget.

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